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Why Traditional Equipment Falls Short

We get it. Finding the right construction equipment hire can be daunting. The fear of delays, unexpected downtimes, and the challenge of navigating through tight spaces is intimidating.

You're not just looking for equipment rental; you're seeking reliability and efficiency. Let us guide you!

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Specialised Solutions: Our building equipment hire ranges from loading platforms to crane hire, meaning our fleet caters to all construction challenges.

Expertise You Can Trust: Our seasoned team is here to assist you from start to finish.

Versatility at its Best: Whether it's a restrictive work environment or a large-scale project, our equipment hire solutions have got you covered.

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At Preston Hire, we've walked in your shoes. We understand the intricacies of building equipment rental and the importance of having the right tools.

With our deep-rooted empathy for your challenges and our authority in the equipment rental industry, trust is to be the guide you've been searching for.

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Achieve Construction Excellence: With the right building equipment rental and our expert guidance, watch your project thrive.

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What's in Store for You?

• An extensive fleet of top-class construction equipment hire.

• Reliable and efficient machines from renowned manufacturers, including Sennebogen, Maeda, and UNIC Cranes.

• Dedicated training for safe and efficient operation.

• Nationwide equipment hire services across New Zealand.

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• Proudly servicing as the premier equipment hire company in New Zealand. We also offer our services to clients in major cities, including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin, and more.

• Committed to quality, safety, and reliability in heavy machinery hire.

• Collaborative approach with engineering partners for specialised requirements.

• A legacy of trust and excellence in the equipment rental industry.

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  • Tony Scott
    The SuperDeck worked really well - it allowed us to transport some quite heavy items like Gyprock, piping, steel, glass panels and a range of other gear from the ground floor all the way up to the 15th floor.
    Tony Scott
    Site Manager | Probuild
  • Katrina Arent
    "We work with very valuable works of art, so we need to have confidence in the people we deal with; Preston Hire definitely inspire confidence and I couldn’t speak more highly of them."
    Katrina Arent
    Manager | Olsen Irwin Gallery
  • John Casey
    "Preston Hire’s SuperDeck is simple to use, relatively light, mechanically full proof, requires little or no training and can lift up to 4 tonnes– it really is an ingenious piece of kit."
    John Casey
    Project Manager, Construction | Brookfield Multiplex
  • Anthony Smits
    "Whether we are talking about having the latest properly-maintained equipment, the best people and all the correct documentation up to date and on hand, Preston Hire is a company that is serious about both its customer’s safety and its customer service."
    Anthony Smits
    Site Manager | Devine Constructions
  • Andy Maclean
    "Without SuperDeck, we’d be having to erect scaffolding and build loading bays - that would not only work out to be more expensive, but it would also take up more time. This way, it was fast, easy and relatively cost-effective."
    Andy Maclean
    Senior Site Manager | Broad Construction
  • Alfons Van Maanen
    "Preston Hire has the scope of plant and equipment suited to our needs, but even more importantly they have the specialist knowledge and expertise and always supply skilled crane operators and riggers to ensure the job is done quickly and to our, and the client’s, satisfaction."
    Alfons Van Maanen
    Director | BiGfiSh