Case Study

Bromley steel christchurch

With a  fleet of equipment suitable for a huge range of tasks, we love working with customers who call on us time and time again knowing we will have the right gear for their specific task.

Each job is unique and requires a different approach, which is exactly how Preston Hire like to operate. We find solutions specific to your job and will match our equipment accordingly. A recent job with Bromley Steel is a great example of exercising care and experience …

Bromley Steel needed to install a 300kg I-Beam structural support for a house renovation. On a site visit it was identified that accessibility was going to be an issue and much care would be required to protect the existing driveway and landscaped gardens meaning a flexible, minimal impact crane would be needed.

Having site visits prior to the job is always a highly useful way to identify the challenges we anticipate may crop up and allows us to make a plan in advance. For this particular job we identified:

● Accessibility to back of house
● Driveway and grass protection around existing gardens
● Height restrictions with mature trees

None of these challenges were unable to overcome … they just required additional planning and care. Thankfully, we can deliver both by the bucketload!

Our Solution
Our Supercrane 295 was the machine for the job. Bromley Steel carefully placed ground protection for the Spidercrane to track over specifically designed to protect the driveway and gardens of damage. With precise calculations and a carefully selected final positioning, the Spidercrane was able to safely support the I beam while the builders completed the installation.

The 295 is a powerful little machine. It is narrow enough to allow access through a standard size single doorway whilst still delivering 2.93t of lifting power. Its outriggers allow for independent multi-angle configurations to place at the best position in restricted or confined areas which were put to good use on this job.

In addition to the benefits of this machine, you can never underestimate the value of an experience Spidercrane operator. In this instance the combination of machine and operator was a match made in heaven and the installation was done with ease.

It was fantastic to work again with a repeat customer and showcase some of the gear we have that could help them again in the future. Our Spidercrane allowed Bromley Steel to safely complete this job in a timely manner with equipment designed for the task at hand. We encourage all customers to give us a call and talk about your needs. We offer genuine, honest advice and will gladly welcome you to join the Preston Hire family.



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