Case Study


There are few occasions that our team members get to put their feet up and literally enjoy the finished product of a build they were involved with. Our South Island teammate, Duane, put that stereotype to bed … literally! He recently enjoyed a night at the Sudima Hotel at Frankton, Queenstown … the exact building and location where our 2.2 SuperDecks were put to work and provided Naylor Love with efficient and safe material handling solutions.

Preston Hire SuperDecks come in three main sizes with a number of variations in between. Each size has been engineered based on market demand and importantly all sizes can sustain a maximum load size of 5 tonne safely and with ease.

For the Sudima Hotel build, 2.2 SuperDecks were the selected size based on the specific requirements of this individual structure. A large amount of importance was placed on the initial location of each SuperDeck for three key reasons:

1. So that the adjacent rooms weren’t hindered through the build process

2. To enable the SuperDecks to be permanently fixed without relocation; and

3. Waste Management considerations.

The immediate impact was noticed once the 2.2s were installed with the sub-contract trades lining up to have materials loaded via the platforms. The benefits were recognised very quickly and all trades enjoyed the ease, perks and reward of a safe and efficient means of bringing equipment and materials into the build.

Our 2.2 SuperDecks are particularly popular for use on office buildings or residential builds. Their ability to effortlessly fit where there is limited space, such as areas like lift lobbies, service cores or structures with narrow rooms such as hotel rooms or student apartment housing are made for our 2.2 platforms. Do you have a build that ticks any of these boxes? Give us a call, we would love to chat to you about your needs and discuss how we can help you.

Importantly, when Duane headed back to Queenstown and booked to stay at Sudima Hotel he was filled with praise. The hotel had beautiful finishes, great service and a comfy bed. We are fairly sure Duane slept well dreaming of 2.2 SuperDecks and the next site he would visit who would also enjoy the significant site gains thanks to Preston Hire.



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