Case Study


We love when an impossible task is proven to be possible! At Preston Hire we place great importance on providing customised solutions, not just supplying equipment. We will work closely with you, suggest appropriate equipment and assist with the planning of the job if needed. This recent job is a great example of finding the right gear and people for the job …

Easy Trees director, Julz Kirby, approached Preston Hire to help find a solution for the removal of a very large Palm tree at a residential property on the Port Hills in Christchurch. The home owner had been rejected by many other arborists previously saying the job was to difficult. On a joint inspection we came up with a solution where we provided one of our 295 Spidercranes to help them get the job done.

Julz made us aware that this wasn’t going to be an easy task, however with their expert knowledge in tee removal and our equipment, we felt we had a good shot at find a solution. The main challenges we faced were:

● Palm tree was 12m high, 6m away from the retaining wall
● Access was limited
● There was a wooden deck to work around

Our Solution
Our SuperCrane 295 was the machine for the job. The guys at Easy Trees created a plan to fell and cut the Palm tree into large blocks and lift each piece up and put it into the waste bin on the upper level. Our Spidecrane comes with the added feature of a remote control giving us further options for safe and easy use. One operator was able to safely guide the hook down whilst still having full view and communication with the other operator at all times. It was magic to watch, a real reflection of their skills!

The physical size of this spidercrane was also beneficial as the customer was able to safely transport the machine by towing it onto a 2t excavator trailer. This allowed them to save on transportation costs whilst still having a machine that would easily deliver on the required tasks.

It was fantastic to work with a new customer and showcase some of the gear we have that could help them again in the future. Our Spidercrane allowed Easy Trees to safely complete this job in a timely manner with equipment designed for the task at hand. We encourage all customers to give us a call and talk about your needs. We offer genuine, honest advice and will gladly welcome you to join the Preston Hire family.



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