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If you are looking for crane, crane loading and propping hire for your worksite, Preston Hire has you covered. Preston Hire provides reliable crane hire in Wellington, Dunedin and Queenstown.

Whether your machine has broken down, your worksite requirements have changed or something else, we are here to help you with our extensive range of construction equipment. Our team is always ready to help provide you with quality products and solutions to suit your situation.

Check out our crane hire range, the SuperCrane™ fleet, which is always equipped with mini cranes and larger cranes to meet your specific needs (including spider cranes and hydraulic crawler cranes).

For your crane loading needs, we offer the SuperDeck™ system for hire. The innovative SuperDeck™ is New Zealand’s leading loading platform system.

Our SuperPropping™ solutions range from general construction props all the way to heavy-duty props. Our extensive range of adjustable props is available for hire across New Zealand.

Our crane, crane loading and propping hire service is available in New Zealand through our branches in Auckland and Christchurch.

Crane Hire Wellington

If you are in New Zealand’s North Island and are in need of spider crane or crawler crane hire, we’ve got you covered. Our team of crane experts in Wellington are ready to help you determine which crane will be the right type and size for your project. On top of SuperCrane™ hire, the Wellington team can assist you with SuperDeck™ and SuperPropping™ product hire, ensuring you can complete a job safely and efficiently. 

Contact us today for additional information crane hire in Wellington.

Crane Hire Dunedin

Located on the south-east side of New Zealand’s South Island, is Preston Hire’s Dunedin location. The team of experts working there are more than happy to assist you with your crawler crane and spider crane hire needs, ensuring you are confident in your type and size choice. Our team can help you with additional services too, such as our  SuperDeck™ loading platform hire and SuperPropping™ prop hire. 

Contact us today for additional information crane hire in Dunedin.

Crane Hire Queenstown

Looking for crane hire in Queenstown? Don’t worry – the team situated in our Queenstown office are here to help you pick the perfect crane for your projects. Select from a range of sizes and types, including crawler cranes and spider cranes. Our team are experts with cranes and will happily answer any questions to ensure you are happy with your choice of crane. In addition to SuperCrane™, we have SuperDeck™ and SuperPropping™ available for hire. 

Contact us today for additional information crane hire in Queenstown.

Why Preston Hire NZ?

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers, supported by innovative use of the best in current technology, cost-efficient practices and safety initiatives.

That mission is extended into our crane hire, crane loading and propping services. Here are some of the reasons why you should look no further name Preston Hire for your construction equipment needs.

• We offer installation for our retractable loading platform hire as well as additional consultation and liaison to meet your speciality project needs.

• An excellent understanding of crane requirements in construction, ensuring we are always at the forefront with cutting-edge technology.

• Skilled support and exceptional customer service that meets the needs of leading building and construction companies across New Zealand.

• Helping you deliver the best in terms of budget, time and safety.

• With SuperPropping™ – we offer a system which works perfectly in conjunction with our SuperDeck™ loading platform system, our SuperCrane™ crane fleet and other back propping requirements – helping ensure efficiency on your worksite.

Our crane, crane loading and propping hire service is available in New Zealand through our branches in Auckland and Christchurch. Contact Preston Hire today on 0800 440 558 for any enquiries.

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