Maeda Cranes

Maeda cranes are made in Japan and are renowned as being some of the highest quality cranes in the industry. They were originally created to be used in graveyards with very narrow passageways. Today, Maeda Cranes are used for a diverse range of applications, including glass installation, factory building and repair, and all heavy lifting requirements on confined construction and civil engineering work sites.

Each Maeda crane undergoes a 140-point inspection before being shipped abroad. Factory workers also follow strict safety and organisation protocols to keep things in order. Even small spare parts and tools of a Maeda crane have specialised storage and control areas. Maeda also ensures that they make machines that are good for the environment and easy to use, with safety, durability, and ease of maintenance top of mind.

Maeda cranes can lift heavy things in unconventional and hard-to-reach places. They are small enough to get to and move around in work sites inaccessible to regular lifting equipment. With outriggers that look like spider legs and with the ability to fit through most standard doors, Maeda cranes are easy to set up and lift in almost any space.

Maeda's full line of spider and hydraulic crawler cranes will help you lift in a whole new way. They are easy to move and easy to use.

Maeda Crane Hire

More and more builders and other industry professionals are realising what everyone else has known for a long time: Maeda cranes go where no other lifting devices have gone before. Because they are self-propelled and fit through unconventional entrances, Maeda cranes offer a unique solution for lifting activities that must be performed indoors, underground, or outside. This means that when you opt for a Maeda crane hire, you're choosing quality, efficiency and flexibility.

Maeda spider cranes offer maximum performance in a small footprint thanks to standard features such as fully autonomous 5-section booms, 360-degree swing, hydraulic disc winch brakes, and programmable Moment Limiter safety systems.

Moreover, all Maeda cranes meet the standards required by each country and comply with the latest emission regulations. So, choosing a Maeda crane hire can be the best option for your business. Each Maeda crane is made in the most efficient way possible to meet the highest quality control standards.

Maeda Crane Usage

Maeda is a worldwide leader in the crane industry. They offer a wide range of products, including spider, crawler, and tower cranes. They have the most rigorous standards and only develop products they can offer with confidence.

Before using a Maeda crane, it's important to know that the same principles apply when operating all kinds of cranes: Always follow all safety procedures and never lift more than what the crane is rated to lift.

Maeda Cranes Range of Products

285 Maeda

The SuperCrane™ 285 spider crane is the latest challenger in our line-up of small but powerful workhorses. While only 1720 kilograms in weight, the SuperCrane™ 285 is capable of lifting 2.82 tonne loads in tight spaces thanks to its tiny and agile design.

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405 Maeda

The powerful SuperCrane™ 405 spider crane has a lifting capacity of 3.83 tonnes despite being only 1380 millimetres wide when stowed and weighing only 5720 kilograms. It also offers an outstanding lifting height of 21 metres. But most importantly, the SuperCrane™ 405 is extremely flexible and manoeuvrable.

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815 Maeda

With an enormous 8 tonne lift capability, the SuperCrane™ 815 is the largest Maeda spider crane in our fleet. It has a pick-and-carry capacity of up to 1000 kilograms and is equipped with the most advanced technologies for safe and efficient lifting.

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