Case Study

Mecury Lane Station

We thrive on a challenge at Preston Hire and this particular job site put our thinking and equipment to the test to find a safe, suitable solution for our customer Link Alliance (CLR).


Working with Link Alliance (CRL) at Mercury Lane Station, Preston Hire supplied our SuperDeck retractable loading platforms for the safe and efficient handling of materials to this site. Deck installations included a 3.2m SuperDeck through a 3m aperture to be installed 2 levels below ground level at 13m deep, with 6m high ceilings. We were up for it!

There were a number of circumstances and scenarios we closely inspected and considered when planning our approach for this install. Challenges included:

• The tight aperture of the space that the platform would be lowered into
• A Vertical Lift would be required
• Space for setting up the SuperDeck once underground
• Installing 6m Slim Shore props for the SuperDeck to prop to ceiling

Our Solution
Our 3.2m SuperDeck was the largest platform that would diagonally fit through the available aperture whilst also providing the most real estate to land equipment and materials on once in position two floors underground. Our team assessed every element of the install process resulting in a seamless and successful delivery. We provided a flatpack delivery and executed a flatpack lift so the SuperDeck would fit vertically and diagonally through the available 3m aperture in the ground. The platform was then lowered and installed 13m deep using slim shores as props for a 2-prop install method.

We used oversize Slim Shore Props to provide a maximum capacity of 5.0t loading on the SuperDeck. We wanted to ensure all of this hard work would result in the Link Alliance team being able to maximise the use of the platform once in position and have the ability to pull the SuperDeck inboard and continue works on levels below without obstruction. Job well done!


This was an awesome partnership with Link Alliance as we worked through the situation and requirements. Key learnings from our side included:

• Taking the time to truly review and analyse the situation in order to provide the best possible solution and mitigate any possible problems that could arise due to poor planning
• Fully understanding the priorities of our customers so we can provide a suitable solution for the long-term use of equipment on the site
• Using our resources to support our customers with the possible customer service
• Triple check and check again. If something doesn’t go your way, communicate, persevere, and trust your team

We are really proud of this job as not only did it present some unique install challenges, but it showcased the versatility of our equipment and the commitment of our team to deliver a top solution.

Thanks to the team at Link Alliance for showing they COUNT ON US to deliver!




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